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Established in May 2009, Shanghai Kexi Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd. was setted up by a group of young people who have been engaged in seminar and exhibition services for societies and associations across the country. The company owns two departments: Convention & Exhibition Dept. and Event Dept.

After the successful WEC 2004, the core member of the company went through different kinds of international conferences and exhibitions in the following 5 years, such as the China Geotech 2006, and the 8th APHO. They dealt with units and organizations involved in geology, physics, electromagnetics, trenchless and remote sensing, and established long term cooperation with many first-grade organization and local societies throughout the country.

Shanghai Kexi Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd, will search for good communication and cooperation with the societies and associations across the country, and provide them excellent services in combination with the current situation. In the meantime, the company will put its main effort in assisting the societies and associations with the hosting and undertaking various academic conferences, exhibitions and events.

In the year of 2016, Shanghai Kexi welcomed a group of energetic and imaginative young people to joint establish "Sailing Tinker".

These brave young gained confidence during their exploration in their labs. And now they are ready to share their joy of the application to primary and secondary students

"Sailing Tinker" now provides technology innovation courses to primary and secondary schools:
(1) DIY Beginner Course - Through one semester course, teaching singlechip program, sensor usage, and basic automatic control;
(2) Innovation Application – With small group direction and discussion, encourage exploration and help imaginative student to achieve their design.
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